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The hunger for #adventure...

The story of DELAYON began in 2014 in Munich. One summer’s afternoon, we came up with a few things that we had been thinking about, based on our own experiences and passions. We decided to create DELAYON to design lifestyle - inspired goods.

We love sharing our passions of active lifestyles and travels. Our line represents everything what we love and do, whether its sport or fashion! Our work is the result of exploration and adventure, being able to experience the unknown. It’s the never ending search for the next feature, the new zone. 

As we have the sports background and we spend a lot of time outdoors doing what we love, we learned to cherish mother nature and put in extra thought in how to reduce our company’s environmental footprint:  

 Environmental Efforts 

 „Nature is not a place to visit. It is our home.“

The waste of resources and pollution of our environment is at a globally critical stage. This is why we do our best to reduce company's ecological footprint and keep our home as clean as we can. Some of these efforts are listed below: 


No matter if we talk about our Sunglasses, Bamboo Cases or Clothing Buttons - we only use 100% FSC certified wood. This ensures that all wooden products are made out of responsibly sourced wood, which comes from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Additionally, it is unique aesthetics and feeling, that is light and strong. The wood makes our sunglasses not stick to your skin while doing sports, reduces the weight significantly and even floats in the water. For our wooden products, we use Bamboo and Cherry Wood due to their excellent weight to strength ratio and water resistant characteristics.

DELAYON sunglasses are our effort to design a „Zero Waste“ and sustainable product. If, for whatever reason, you do not wanna use your wooden sunglasses anymore, we kindly ask you to break the sunglasses apart (careful!). Since we do not use any chemicals for glue or colours, you can simply trash the wood frame either to your compost heap or normal Bio-Trash. In order to help us to ensure recycling of all materials, please put the lenses in your normal plastic trash and the metal levers next to your glass trash. We and the Mother Nature will thank you!


All of DELAYON softwoods are proudly produced in the EU. This does not only ensure a certain minimum of work standards, as well as environmental requirements for production, but also helps to keep shipping distances short.


We believe that the key to dressing in fashion is to be stylish while keeping comfort in mind. The most important thing for us is how you see yourself, and how you feel. Our Hoodies, Bottoms and Tops are made with OekoTex“ certified material. Unfortunately, we need to add a bit of Polyester for our Hoodies (less than 10%) and Elasthan (max 6%) for our Pants & Dresses in order to maintain the stretch and softness of the material. These additives help us to improve the product and make you love and use it even longer.


The manufacturing process of leather usually requires several chemical additives to maintain a long lasting and durable, yet cheap product. Our leather patches might only be a little detail on our products, however we also like to leave a mark behind on this Planet. Therefore, we only use Eco leather - no chemicals like: azo dyes, PCP, chrome VI or formaldehyde were used for it´s production. Less toxic for everyone…