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At DELAYON we wanna do things for the right reason. Starting as a lifestyle label, we shaped our brand by the influences we have been driven by. Combining classical design with the most practical & legere solution has always been paramount to us. Instead of designing fashion for fast moments, we targeted designs for an outdoor active & passionate lifestyle. We never chased trends and worked against a wasteful "Fast Fashion" from the beginning.

After all, DELAYON is a brand founded by mountain lovers - people who want to explore nature more than anything else. We never experienced a fixed office place and worked where our passions guided us. Whether with sand between our toes or deep powder flying around us - it made this journey to what it is now.

Time goes by fast when you are having fun. For us, it feels like yesterday when we had the initial idea of creating a brand with a wild cat logo. Yet, sweat and tears reminded us about the uncompromisable passion and energy we put into this. Realising where we have came from, we saw where we would be going. We decided to write the next chapter of our brand and extend the DELAYON - FAMILY by something, that is bringing it all back to it´s roots and defines who we are - Boardriders.

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DELAYON Eyewear is the result of our passions and interest for change within the industry. We love snowboarding and skiing so much, that we wanna get the most out of every turn we make. In order to get this sensation, we always needed top notch equipment, yet we could never associate ourselves with the mainstream market. We never really felt accepted as a rider and the classic business concept felt too much top to bottom. As a result, we set off to create a valuable brand bringing high technology products for a more reasonable price to the slopes. We want our customers to get a high quality and satisfying product and still have a few bucks left in their wallet to hit the slopes the next day. We want you to #RideMore - literally!